New Applegreen Service Area M42 Junction 4, near Shirley

Applegreen’s proposals will fulfil the highway safety requirement for an MSA along this section of the M42

Our compact site represents the most suitable location for an MSA along this stretch of the M42.

our proposals

  • Do not require major new highways and junctions to be built, our solution is deliverable and self-financed.
  • Will create more than 300 full time jobs and a facility that Solihull can be proud of.
  • Will improve a busy junction on the M42 – local traffic conditions will be improved with significant investment to upgrade the Junction 4 roundabout and existing slip roads; our solution does not compromise highway safety.  
  • Do not require the construction of significant new access road infrastructure in the Greenbelt.
  • Will not destroy irreplaceable Ancient Woodland.
  • Will minimise the potential impact on the environment and positively result in a net increase in biodiversity.

The Site:

  • Borders Junction 4, M42 and A3400
  • 8.73 hectares of Grade 3 agricultural land

protecting the environment:

  • Clever design ‘hides’ the project within the landscape
  • We will plant new trees and landscaping to enhance the development and the landscape
  • There will be no loss of ancient woodland
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Why in this location?

  • In 2009 the secretary of State confirmed that there was a significant need for a new MSA on this stretch (between junctions 3a and 7) of the M42 for the highways safety reasons. despite the entire length of this being greenbelt
  • The location of our site means we can deliver a very compact scheme that does not require building significant new access road infrastructure in the greenbelt
  • This means we can deliver a high quality project that meets the Government's requirements with the minimum impact on the Greenbelt. There are no better sites